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Thomas , they can also add style to your appearance

Vendredi 10 février 2012

.ARTē launched for Christmas sincerity Cruz cross pendant series, bloom color and light for your holiday.Cruz series with five cross pendant, were a symbol of the glory of forgiveness, hope, peace and love, and hope through the Joy of the day, the message of love and care, and religion to pay tribute.Cross pendant necklace Amor Amor is the Spanish « Love, Amor, cross pecheap thomas sabondants add flower elements, simple lines cross more rich level.Outline the cross frame 71 round crystal diamond drill combined into the middle to the yellow crystal angel halo, dark green athomas sabo sale nd lavender color diamond crystal composed of vines and flowers, through the cross between, on behalf of « love » Embracing the world.Gloria cross pendant necklace Bible describes Jesuthomas sabo glasgows was crucified for the salvation on the cross, and Him flow of blood is known as the glorious Holy Blood.In Spanish, Gloria, on behalf of the « glory » cross pendant with silver plated with black nickel base, bordered 31 the black Suixiao crystal diamond, a black thread empty carved crystal diamond between the surround; four sides, respectively, bordered by fourThe red circle crystal diamond, a symbol of the glory of Holy Blood of Jesus, the middle is a single white thomas sabo earrings
round diamond crystal, so pendant even more eye-catching.The Esperanza cross pendant symbolizes « hope, » Esperanza cross pendants to diamond shocheap thomas sabo charms salep in the 75 Suixiao white crystal set made of sterling silver rhodium-plated base decorated with inspiration from the Church rose window thread empty pattern, with light penetration,crystal diamond shine along the flower-shaped pattern, as if injected into thecheap thomas sabo charms power of shining hope for life.Hollow and solid design of the pendant lines even more rounded and smooth, simple highlight the extraordinary.The Paz cross pendant ARTĒ the hope that by the cross to promote peathomas sabo necklace salece, peaceful coexistence, in addition to person to person as well as peace of mind of each person.Means « peace » Paz pendant studded with 26 white round crystal diamond single line diamond crystal succinctly rich flow lines arranged in a cross shape, the m  thomas sabo jewellery iddle set with a single white square diamond crystal, pure and simple.The the Perdón cross pendant stands for « forgiveness » the Perdón cross is the series the most amount of pendant length of 8cm.The Perdón to 111 black round crystal diamond outline the shape of ththomas sabo silver charms salee cross, the middle of five white round crystalline diamond embellishment, the four sides is bordered by two 2 carats and two 3 kt white teardrop-shaped diamond crystal.Crystal diamond between the lines reveals a hint of the thread space carvthomas sabboed sterling silver rhodium-plated base, duties add three-dimensional sense.