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erby manasseh contemporary art center, Beijing house of emperor city art Beijing, China 2006 « the panda’s home country », Derby manasseh gucci sunglass wholesale contemporary art center, Beijing, China 2009 SuZhe’s solo exhibition « , « the Bei gucci jing SunZhenHua (China foundry museum A.W ing wing) [wing product hall] original design brand organizing gucci shoes people engaged in designing more than 10 years, from advertising to the media, from the work to product, insist on creation and designing. Work is i gucci handbags ntroduced: The 2009 launch « space, this gucciTee rhapsody » series continues. This theme creation The purse overall is a space, it was full of planets, comets and spacecraft, the Milky Way, black hole, etc, all things are possible. Open my wa gucci sale llet and you will find yourself in shuttle cockpit, are already flying at full speed to the depths, more interesti gucci sunglass ng thing you to explore. The sky « golden leap QiuXin Professional painter. Contemporary fa gucci sunglasses wholesale mous young artist. Some have taken part in many domestic famous group exhibitions. A one-man show: In 2007, hormone imbalance Beijing star space 2009 pessimistic optimist Be gucci watches wholesale ijing star space Work is introduced:

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