Gucci gianni series was born

and mostly handmade! Gucci tuo flywheel (Tourbillon) pri gucci authentic nciple and technology continues for more than 100 years, has not had a significant change, until the 1920s, Germany’s Deutsche Uhrmacheerschule Helwing on, Albert, the technical department (director of invention « fl gucci handbags oating tuo flywheel Tourbillon » (from, or called « flight tuo flywheel »), it is a language without stents (bridge) tuo flywheel, as muchcheap gucci handbags as possible in order to make tuo flywheel flat some (as to). This kind as a free vertical framework (free standing cage) is on, Albert, – the purpose of the Helwing invention. so far has experienced four generations as well as integrity retained first representative classical design watches, also have add timing timers and d guccis iving function of dynamic YunDongBiao, and successfully launched series of men and women watch. Nowadays, with modern design, make this commemorative legend wrist watch series become indispensable cheap gucci handbags UN part of history. Tuo flywheel (principle of Tourbillon) clocks in the vertical position is when the effect of gravity when compensation. In other words, when a clock in a vertical position, due to the effect of gravity, from its adjustment is that is its wheel, tiffany-twis gucci sunglass ted and escapements, will happen when a swing in each responds to barely detectable change. If the ad gucci shoe sale just controller were installed at a minute of turning a week on the door to « box », can obtain a series of vertical position. So we can make the clocks go move, and can when very accurate compleme gucci watches uk ntary error. This principle, but it is quite simply out of is another story. One reason is the « cage box » and tuo flywheel weight can’t more than 0.3 gra gucci ms or 0.013 ounces – equivalent to a swan feather weight or two parrots the weight of feathers. Another reason is that it consists of 72 fine component,

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